so after reading all the chapters up tp the currently translated 34, I thought it might be a cool concept if Kimihito , (ill call him Hito to keep ot short), might due with having the next person to join in his pleasure/suffering to possibly be a second, reguallry appearing male characeter. before the Yaoi fans begin flocking, no offense, not as another member of his growing harem, but perhaps as a returing best friend. 

comedy wise, i would think that a second male character would add to it overall, since he'd either be going though the same situation hito goes through, or hed simply be hteir as just the kind of best friend character who is glad he's not in hito's shoes.  Personnally, and this is just an idea that i though would be interesting at least, would be if Hito had a friend who also participated in t he exchange- host program, but instead of hosting the extraspecies, he wnet to live with an extraspecies family for say a few months. This could open a whole nother avenue for the author in the future (Hito goes and visits the Girls' home countries/ families), which, lets be honest, if all this stuff thats hapened up till now is with jus seven extraspeices, imagine them all taking a trip with him to their homelands and see the comedy fly. 

Back to the second male character, he could also be highly understanding and accepting towards all forms of extraspecies like Hito, hence him living with a family of extraspeices for a few months. The idea i thought would be that his Friend, could be from high school, college, whatever, lived within a Kobald household, or whatever they live in (insert the great mind of this manga's author here) and that sicne they're so active, caused him to get in extremeley athletic shape. 

Those of you stil reading this are thinkg why?  From a comedy persepctive, this fact in itself could generate enough histarical awkward moments with the rest of the group to fill a few volumes. I'm sure something is going to go down if the firls see hito's buddy walking around with a six pack, and god help him if arachne decides to start "playying" with him. 

In al thouhg, he doesnt neccesarily have to be the seoncd guy in the harem competing wiht Hito per say. Just have him their would help add some more humor avenues and back stoy for Hito.If anything have him strike up a date with Zombina or someone to add this lovly mix. Once agaan, though a legnthy explanation, this is all just a fan fiction kind of idea that  thought might work, if any of you have thoughts on this topic, or wish to add or throw in your won idea, feel free to post it. Who knows, maybe we;ll end up seeing it in the manga :)

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