This page deals with The Racist Couple's interactions with the other characters.


Kimihito KurusuEdit

The Racist Couple earned the hatred from the young man for making obnoxious and derogatory remarks on any of the demi-human girls he was hosting.

Kuroko SmithEdit

The Racist Couple ignored the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator who looked down on them for verbally harassing a lamia.

Kurusu Household GuestsEdit


The Racist Couple verbally bullied a lamia causing her to lose her temper as she attempted to lash at them with her tail, but her host took the damage to prevent her from breaking the law. The second time the couple verbally harassing the lamia provoked her host to attack them in her stead so that she would not be deported for intentionally injuring those human trash.


Centorea ShianusEdit

The Racist Couple made obnoxious and derogatory remarks about the centaur and the same young man from their first encounter. Their remarks nearly made her lost her temper as she was going to slash them with her sword causing man from the couple to say that she would be deported she dared to attack human people. They even brought in a group of friends when encountering the centaur and the young man. One of the thugs restrained the young man while the man from the couple and his other friends attempted to gang-violate the centaur. The Racist Couple and their friends were tied up before they could do so.


Rachnera ArachneraEdit

The Racist Couple did not dare to make obnoxious and derogatory remarks on the arachne who tied them and their friends up. They screamed upon seeing her especially her intimidating looks and she knocked the man from the couple unconscious with her scary face.