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These are the various relationships Suu has or had over the series.


Kimihito KurusuEdit

"Well, it was Suu's fault that you caught a cold... I should apologize as well. But Suu doesn't mind! Because she loves her Master!" - Suu talking by herself for the first time.

Suu values Kimihito's safety and health above all else, even willing to go as far as to use her own water-absorbent body to heal his sore throat, as well as ingest a variety of poisonous plants to keep him, and by association the other house guests, from getting sick off them.

Kuroko SmithEdit

While the other house guests were scared of Smith discovering Suu and deporting her, the agent's decision to turn a blind eye due to sheer laziness has left Suu with a positive attitude towards Smith, though after absorbing poisonous plants, she venomously and bluntly refers to her and her teammates as a bunch of "freeloaders."

Neighborhood KidsEdit

After escaping with Papi, Suu was introduced to the Neighborhood Kids. Her first instinct was to copy Papi embracing the boys of the group, after expanding her body with water, to imitate her. When one of them was about to be run over by the Racist Couple driving, without any mimicry involved, Suu jumped into the path of the car, and saving the young girl.

The Racist CoupleEdit

While Suu has not shown any outward emotion from the so-far only encounter she's had with the couple, their constant jeering and insulting would likely make her mad as any other of the house guests.


When Kasegi forced himself into the house, and planned to record Papi laying her egg, Suu exposed him for the con man he was by broadcasting his thoughts with her feeler.

Ren KunanzukiEdit

Suu's only interaction with Ren was as one of Cerea's "tests" of the young girl's fortitude, reasoning that if she could not survive Suu's lewd "playing", then she would not be able to handle Rachnera.

Fellow House GuestsEdit


Suu has not outwardly emoted towards the lamia, though she agrees with Papi when the harpy claims that Rachnera is a better teacher than Miia.


She and Papi have a close bond much like sisters and friends would.

Centorea ShianusEdit

Meroune LoreleiEdit

When Mero first met Suu, the slime made several attempts to suck on her slimy body, only to be stopped again and again by Kimihito.

Rachnera ArachneraEdit

Suu and Rachnera have a hilarious relationship, as the slime's semi-liquid body renders her immune to any form of binding, thus whenever Rachnera attempts as such, Suu always turns the tables, and molests her in turn.


Suu first met Lala after subduing Rachnera's "session" with the headless dullahan, then proceeded to engage her lewd "fun" with the lower half of the "agent of death."

MON Edit





Monster CommunityEdit




Miia's MotherEdit

Papi's MotherEdit

Centorea's MotherEdit


Liz & KinuEdit

Potemkinme & SabastianEdit


Meroune's MotherEdit

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