As a Slime, Suu's liquid body allows her to take on a variety of shapes. While most of the time Suu can mimick any appearance by choice, sometimes her appearance or even personality involuntary changes depending on the circumstances. These are some of Suu's most noteworthy other forms.

Form ListEdit

Slime (Dehydrated) Form (Chapter 8)Edit


Reminiscent of a Slime's "typical" look as depicted in various media, Suu adopts this form when lacking sufficient nutrients to maintain her other forms. This can be either due to dehydration or personal choice (eg, she adopts this form when she sleeps).

It is possibly that this is her species' natural form when they are not mimicking the forms and behaviours of other beings.

Child (Default) Form (Chapter 8)Edit


Suu's "default form" is that of an adolescent humanoid female in similar form and stature to Papi.

Adult (Hydrated) Form (Chapter 8)Edit


Suu's other common form; if Suu absorbs enough water (either intentionally or otherwise), she becomes taller and most of the mass goes to her breasts. They are said to be able to hold a fishtank's worth of water.

Super Suu (Chapter 20 & Chapter 54)Edit


Dubbed "Giant Suu", "UltraSuu", or "KaiSuu", by fans, Suu took on this transformation the first time after accidentally falling into a bin of experimental super growth fertilizer. She is also capable of taking on this form after absorbing a bottle of a Honey Bee's Royal Jelly.

In this form, Suu most notable change is an exponential increase in size and she gains four extra hair tentacles. Due the extra body mass, her intelligence is also greatly increased. Aside from a vast increase in physical strength, Suu also gains the ability to fire off a stream of highly-pressurized water from her mouth. Her overall power in this form can be measured by the size of her breasts.[1]

In the anime, Suu also gains ridges along her hair tentacles, similar to Godzilla.

Giant Suu v2 anatomy

Poison Form (Chapter 25)Edit


Similar in nature and appearance to a Green Slime, Suu adopted this "status" while helping Kimihito Kurusu harvest greenery from Kii's Forest; ingesting several plants that contained toxins poisonous to fauna.

Adopting a purple hue, the poisons reacting within her body fizz; resulting in bubbles radiating from her form into the air. While in this form, her speech and mannerisms are laced with blunt, "venomous" remarks, and her typical water spray attacks are additionally laced with poison.

"Hardass" Form (Chapter 31)Edit


Suu gained this form after absorbing mineral-rich water from a Hot Spring. Not much changes in her appearance asside from the fact that she now appears to wear glassess. While the minerals allow her to gain an increase in her intelligence, they also make her adopt a more rigid, "hard", personality. Miia compared it to a "speed-dating demon".

Milf Form (Chapter 36)Edit


Caused by absorbing sea water. Her appearance becomes more mature and her breasts become even bigger. She also becomes notably more lustful and lewd.

Gelatinous Cube Form (Chapter 45)Edit


After becoming infected by Kino's hallucinogenic spores, Suu believes she is a dungeon monster from a typical Role-Play game setting and adopts this form to harass Kimihito and Centorea.

While under the spores' influence she appears colossal in size, in reality she doesn't reach beyond half a meter in height while adopting this form.

Core Form (Chapter 55)Edit


Suu's core form, is in essence, her brain. Containing her memories, personality, and entire sense of self, Suu's core is normally protected by the rest of her body. After the fight with Nega-Suu, most of Suu's body is dissolved by the other Slime, with only her core remaining due to Kimihito swallowing (and later regurgitating) it to keep it safe.

Afterwards, Suu's core was placed in a tank full of liquids, presumably to allow it to grow a new Slime body.



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