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Kana 墨須 (スミス)
Romaji Sumisu
Nickname Ms. Smith
Physical Appearance
Age ???
Gender Female Female
Hair Black
Personal Profile
Occupation Cultural Exchange Security Squad Representative
Monster Ops: Neutralization Commander
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1

Smith (墨須 (スミス), Sumisu) is Kurusu's "Cultural Exchange Coordinator" commonly referred to as Ms. Smith. She checks up on Kurusu Kimihito household on a regular basis, constantly reminding him that any violation of the inter-species agreement will result in the deportation of exchange program participants, which includes interbreeding or violence from a monster-girl on any human. Usually irresponsible, showing up at moments when it is inconvenient for him or when it is too late to provide information and help.

Character InformationEdit


Smith often dresses as the typical government agent attire of a white dress shirt with a black tie and black blazer with a professional skirt, nylon stockings and heels. She wears a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. She has long black hair that she usually wears loose but puts in a high ponytail when at home or in her combat uniform. According to the chapter seven omake, her legs are her best feature, but she still supports an impressive bust. In addition she's the second tallest member of MON, being just below chest level with Tionishia.


Even as Kimihito's agent, Smith is very irresponsible at her job and constantly bums off Kurusu for meals, even her own apartment is full of junk. In chapter 10 it is hinted that she does this because she's overworked already and never gets a raise for what she already does.[1]

One of the things she does when not palming monster-girls off on hapless guys is run Monster Ops: Neutralization, a special unit comprised of four monster-girls to handle "untouchable" situations involving extraspecies lawbreakers.[2]

Skills and TraitsEdit

She has some skill with tranquilizer gun, and is a master manipulator. She seems to appear at just the right time, or wrong time. Other than this she is a lazy coffee addict.



  • Her surname, along with her height, may suggest a mixed descent.
  • Her Twitter name is "CoordinatorSmith"
  • Oddly, she shares her surname with John Smith, a researcher from the erotic prototype for the series, Monster Girl Report.


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