The Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort (雪の宿, Yuki no Yado, lit. The Snow Inn) is a hot springs onsen run by the Yuki-onna Yukio. While possessing state-of-the-art facilities, the resort has fallen into obscurity due to its mixed-bathing policy (which is unpopular with women bathers as it attracts male bathers with perverse intentions). To this end, Smith has Kimihito Kurusu and his tenants stay at the onsen to test out the Inn's Liminal facilities and see if they can't find a way to increase the Inn's business.

While possessing many of the facilities of a normal onsen, Sno Ball has also been retrofitted to cater to Liminal guests in addition to humans. There are lodging rooms large enough to allow the largest Liminal tenant to spread out and relax comfortably in addition to also being handicapped-friendly and completely waterproof.

The resort's hot spring facilities range in size from indoor baths large enough to allow a Centaur to submerge up to their shoulders in the center, to shallow waterfall pools for those that can not submerge themselves in large quantities of water (such as Slimes). Sno Ball also possesses mist saunas for those averse to high heat (such as Arachne), multiple baths of varying temperatures, and an outdoor Rotenburo.

Refurbishing the resort for Liminals required instituting mixed-bathing. This was the only way for the resort to have the baths big enough to accommodate the larger species, while working within the square footage they already had.



  • While snowfall is not uncommon in the area, since Yukio's arrival the winter snow has dramatically increased in volume.
  • The inn's floor boards are heated to provide comfort to cold-blooded patrons. The heating also keeps the floor from freezing over when Yukio walks by.
  • The minerals in the inn's hot springs are said to provide comfort to the following ailments; heat rash, cold skin temperature, muscle aches, stiff shoulders, nerve pain, dry skin, eczema, bruising, fatigue, hemorrhoids.
  • Following Kimihito's suggestions, Sno Ball successfully catered itself as a dating spot for humans and Liminals interested in getting together for homestays.

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