This page deals with the Purse Thief's interactions with the other characters.


Kimihito KurusuEdit

After the young man caused the Purse Thief to crash, the criminal struck him using the centaur's sword instead of her.

Bicycle Police OfficerEdit

The Bicycle Police Officer was seen arresting the Purse Thief not only for the theft of other people's purses, but possibly also for direct violation of one rule set by the Interspecies Exchange Bill and for battery (injuring another person which is not accidental).

Kurusu Household GuestsEdit

Centorea ShianusEdit

The Purse Thief initially thought that his moped could outrun the centaur who intended to bring him to justice. When a young man riding the centaur unwittingly exposed her chest, the Purse Thief became too distracted and he crashed. The criminal attempted to slash the centaur with her sword but the young man took the blow for her.