OAD 1: Everyday Life at the Pool (ジムでプールな日常 Jimu de Pūru na Nichijō) is an Original Anime DVD released with the manga's eleventh volume on 11th November 2016. The OAD is an animated adaption of Chapter 17 of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Like the animated series, the OAD is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, with animation by animation studio Lerche.


Everyone was getting measured and found out they were gaining weight, but they can't leave to exercise without Kimihito. So, Smith takes the girls to a gym suited for Monster Girls. There they met the Gym Manager named Polt; a kobold. She takes everyone on a tour to explain how to use each exercise equipment.

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Locations Kurusu HouseSports Club KoboldThat Pool

After credit BeastiaryEdit

Monster Musume End Card 13
  • Werewolf
  • Werecat
  • Werefox
  • Wererabbit



  • While the animation's plot is primarily based off of the plot of Chapter 17 of the manga, original material and jokes from other chapters are also included.
  • The Sports Club Kobold emblem is an allusion to the five-ring emblem of the Olympic Games.
  • The song Miia is humming while swimming in the pool is Kiss Me Darling from her character song album.
  • When Kimihito notices Miia's ability to swim, he mentions the events of Species 5: Everyday Life with a Mermaid where she had almost drowned after diving into Meroune's pool.
  • Sports Club Kobold's sunbathing pool is modeled after That Pool; the most infamous swimming pool in Japanese pornography.


Difference from the MangaEdit

  • In the manga, only Kimihito, Miia, Cerea and Mero go to the gym while Rachnera stays home to look after Papi and Suu. M.O.N. and Smith also don't go to the gym in the manga, while Lala doesn't appear in the chapter at all.
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