The Minotaur's Milking Ranch is a series of 13 erotic artworks created by Okayado and posted on his Twitter page on November 2016.

Centred around five Minotaur girls, the series' premise is centred around various milking and massage techniques the girls can undergo when they attend the ranch.


Female Minotaurs - C

Mil and "Protagonist"


Height: 160cm

An ordinary youth who became a dairy farmer for some reason. He's a complete amateur, but he does his best for the minotaur girls.


Height: 208cm
B134 W65 H96
N cup
Milk Quantity: 0000
Milk Quality: 000

A gentle and helpful oneesan type of minotaur girl. She supports the protagonist with the work he is so inexperienced with.
She has an eternally tolerant personality, and while she is always willing to spoil her partner, she secretly also wants to be spoiled, herself.
She produces an excellent quantity of milk, and there is nothing to criticize about the quality. 

Female Minotaurs - B

Cream and Cara


Height: 185cm
B99 W59 H88
J cup
Milk Quantity: 0
Milk Quality: 000

The amiable mascot of the pastures that can make friends with anyone.
For a minotaur, she's rather short, and she worries about it often.
For the protagonist that's shorter than her, she tries to adopt an oneesan atmosphere but isn't very good at it.
The amount of milk she produces is small, but it isn't related to stress, so what she produces is steady.


Height: 220cm
B122 W69 H98
L cup
Milk Quantity: 00
Milk Quality: 0000

A girl with a remarkably fit body, even for the minotaur family (a result for being a descendant of a war-clad minotaur lineage).
She seemingly has a cantankerous and rude personality that is especially apparent when facing men.
Actually, she's just shy and not good at communication, and her powerful body image makes her misunderstood.
She has fantastic milk quality, but due to the nature of her personality obstructing milking, she doesn't live up to her full potential.

Female Minotaurs - A

Chizu and Ruto


Height: 211cm
B127 W67 H95
M cup
Milk Quantity: 000
Milk Quality: 000

A serious, straightforward, hardworking, extremely obedient person that is a good listener. The honor student type.
Actually, she's too obedient, and believes everything she is told. An oblivious natural boke character, she can cause trouble, because she doesn't understand when things are jokes.
With regards to her milk quality and production, there aren't any problems normally, but because of the problem mentioned before, she often takes shady health foods and medicines that can influence the regularity and quality of lactation.


Height: 202cm
B150 W64 H94
Q cup
Milk Quantity: 00000
Milk Quality: 00

A reserved and meek girl, she is intensely shy of strangers, and takes time to open up.
She has an unusually large bust, even among the minotaur family, and much can be expected of her growth.
However, she would be crushed under the pressure if she knew those expectations were placed upon her. If her self-confidence can be managed, she has tremendous potential.



  • The series was possibly influenced by The Ranch from Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls and Minos Farm from Living with Monster Girl.
  • The Ranch and its Minotaur characters make their official debut in the manga in Chapter 56.
  • In addition to the minotaur girls, Tolepas and Terios from the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online videogame make cameos at the ranch.
  • In Chapter 57 of the manga,It is mentioned of the different personalities and behaviors of each minotaur in the ranch: 
    • It is stated that Mil acts as the leader among the minotaur girls (And additionally, she begins to develop a crush on Kimihito .)
    • It is mentioned that Cara's extremely fit physique is a result of being a descendent of a clan of war-lord minotaurs. This heritage results has made her the strongest minotaur in the ranch. But this also makes her one of the most sensitive.
    • Cream is revealed to be a tsundere in the manga.
    • Chizu s revealed to be straightfoward and direct.
    • Ruto is revealed to cry too easily.
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