The Minotaurs are a demihuman race with bovine attributes.

Affiliated with Greek mythology, Minotaurs possess cloven feet, horns, a tail, and are easily taller than an average human while also possessing greater physical strength that may rival a Centaur. There are two types of Minotaur, the lactating "milk producing" types and the aggressive "bullfighting" types.

Physiological AttributesEdit

Cathyl's, Merino's, Ton's and Cott's secrets
  • Minotaurs are on average over 2m tall, with 1.85m being considered small for them.
  • Minotaurs possess a distinct sexual dimorphism. While females have more human like heads, the males have more bovine like heads.
  • Aside from their height, female Minotaurs are also known for their incredibly large breasts. To the point that a J-cup is considered to be very small for one.
  • For some reason, all Minotaurs wear cow-bells around their necks. Wether this is a cultural or fashionable thing is unknown.


Milk Producing TypeEdit

This subspecies of Minotaurs are the kind that produces rich milk. They usually have the coloration of normal farm cows. Much like their bovine counterparts, female "milk producing" Minotaurs produce large quantities of breast milk. If they do not milk their breasts regularly, their breasts become swollen to the point of it being uncomfortable. Minotaur milk is said to be both nutritious and delicious.

Notable, Cathyl, Mil, Ruto, Cream, and Chizu are considered as "Milk-Producing" Minotaurs.

Bullfighting TypeEdit

This subspecies of Minotaurs are considered brutish and knuckleheaded, mostly bred for the likes of war or traditional "bullfighting", their coloration is a bit darker and possess a rather fit and muscular physique.

As specified in the manga, due to her having a heritage of bullfighting (or war-like) minotaurs in her genes, Cara is considered the closest to a "Bullfighting" Minotaur seen so far. 


0008 Full A Cropped

Catoblepas are demihuman species that came from Ethiopia.

It is said to have the body of a cape buffalo. Its head is always pointing downwards due to its head being heavy. Its stare or breath could either turn people into stone, or kill them. The catoblepas is often thought to be based on real-life encounters with wildebeest, such that some dictionaries say that the word is synonymous with "gnu". Also known as an African version of a Gorgon.

In spite of this rumour, Catoblepas are generally lethargic/demure in nature and rarely display aggressive behaviours.


Holstaurus, or Holstaurs, are a humanoid sub-species of Minotaur. They are similar to a human in all characteristics but for possessing a pair of cow-like ears upon their head. They are generally very gentle and are more associated with cows, while Minotaurs are more associated with bulls.

There is a Holstaur performing as a member of the idol group ANM48.


  • Cathyl (Milk Producing Type)
  • Mil (Milk Producing Type)
  • Ruto (Milk Producing Type)
  • Chizu (Milk Producing Type)
  • Cream (Milk Producing Type)
  • Cara (Milk Producing Type with Bullfighting ancestry)
  • Terios (Bullfighting Type)
  • Tolepas (Catoblepas)


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