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Kana ミミ
Romaji Mimi
Voiced by Kae Matoba
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Mimic
Gender Female Female
Hair Pink
Eye Red/Purple
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
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Mimi is a Mimic that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.



Skills and TraitsEdit


Zoological ClassificationEdit

Mimics are a race of beings that are able to change their shape and appearance; disguising their bodies as inanimate objects (commonly a chest), in order to lure and capture prey.

Thought to have been magically created by wizards in mythology, Mimics were thought to be subterranean creatures due to their sensitive visual receptors. They were able to perfectly mimic the appearance of stone or wood and thusly posed as items such as stonework, doors, or chests. When the intended prey touches the disguised mimic, it would either lash out with a bludgeoning pseudopod or entrap the prey with numerous appendages to constrict them before dragging the victim into its body to devour. Mimics also excrete an adhesive glue to hold fast to their prey or to hold fast to a specific surface (say a wall or roof) while waiting for prey or during travel.


  • She lives in a treasure chest, and any time it's closed she can completely change her appearance.
  • It is thought that the natural colour of a Mimic is a speckled grey that resembles granite.
  • Mimics first appeared in the original Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual (1977), written by Gary Gygax.
  • Mimics come in all shapes and sizes, with varying mimicking abilities depending on subspecies (some can only mimic rock and wood while others can also mimic metal). Some Mimics are large enough to mimic houses and buildings.
  • Alcohol will weaken a mimic's glue.

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