Milk is a white, edible liquid secreted from the mammary glands of female mammals. It's primary purpose is to nourish infants too young to eat conventional food. Due to its nutritional value and taste, animal milk (especially that of cows) is a popular beverage amongst developing and even mature humans.

Aside from being drunk directly, milk can be produced into a wide variety of foods, such as Cheese, Butter, Ice Cream, and Yoghurt, or even added to existing products to improve the taste, such as coffee. Any produce made from milk is called “dairy” and farms specializing in breeding milk producing animals, such as goats and cows, are therefore called “dairy farms”.

Amongst Liminals, both Milk Minotaurs and Pans are known to lactate permanently, even outside of pregnancy. Dairy Breed Centaurs are also known for their exceptional amount of milk, but it’s unknown how often they lactate.

Minotaur milk is noted to be especially delicious and nutritious, with there even being many Minotaur Milk Connoiseurs. And since the demand is much higher than the supply, it is a fast selling commodity that fetches a high price. Also, since it is technically not cow’s milk, it can therefore be drank even by people with a milk allergy.

Likewise, both Minotaur Milk and Pan Milk are nutritious enough and close enough to mother's milk that it is believed to be almost perfect for a human baby's needs.



  • While human females also lactate, it is usually only done during and shortly after the time of pregnancy.
  • Cattle that are bred exclusively for Dairy Farming are known as Holstein cattle. It is the Holstein cattle to where the Holstaur species gets its name from.
  • Instead of milk, Honey Bees and Queen Bees produce Royal Jelly from their breasts, which is said to be highly nutritious and valuable.

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