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This page deals with Miia's Mother's interactions with the other characters.


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Since the very first moment she met Kurusu, Miia's Mother tried to evaluate if he was suitable to be a "Husband" for all her Lamia Tribe. She touched him down there and tried to have sex with him as well as trying to make him have sex with her daughter. After she learned that Kurusu actually liked Lamias she thought of having him for herself, and tried to sneak into his bed, just like Miia .Unfortunately for the two of them, a drunk Rachnera was there and stopped the two of them, because they were too loud

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Miia's Mother loves her daughter greatly. Her entire visit being a ploy to remove her rivals and help her take Kimihito for herself. The whole time Miia fights to stop her from taking Kimihito she is nothing but friendly towards her. She does not hold a grudge afterwards either. She does anger her daughter by attempting to sleep with Kimihito herself though.


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After an ensuing argument with Miia woke her up while being hungover, she tied both of them up in the hallway. As a form of punishment, Rachnera put a sign on each of the lamias with Miia's mother's stating that "I'm way too old to be sneaking into rooms for sex".

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