This page deals with Merino's interactions with the other characters.


Kimihito KurusuEdit

Merino first meets Kimihito when he was forced to work on The Ranch by Cathyl, where she teaches him how to milk the farm animals and also has Kimihito sheer her as she is too embarrassed to ask the others.

Later in the story (23 chapters later), Merino is surprised to find out that Kimihito is the new-hire that was sent to help work at the Black Lily Ranch. Merino and Cathyl then proceed to explain the situation to him, as well informing him that the ranch was staffed exclusively by female Minotaurs, Pans, and Barometz, and introduce him to his new work. It is eventually shown that Merino may have feelings for Kimihito. Kimihito ends up milking Merino to teach the Satyrs how to milk the Minotaurs and other Pans at the farm.

Cathyl's boyfriend/Farm OwnerEdit

Kurusu Household GuestsEdit


Centorea ShianusEdit

Farmyard MembersEdit


They are coworkers and get along well.