The M.O.N. Apartments is an apartment complex in Tokyo where the members of the Monster Ops: Neutralization squad live.


Tenant RoomsEdit

Tionishia’s Room

Tionishia's room is colored pink to match her flowery and frilly personality. The room is decorated with a large collection of stuffed animals. The furniture is also relatively large to accommodate Tio's large frame.

Zombina’s Room

Zombina's room can best be described as gray and drab. The room contains at least two weapons lockers and one wall mounted weapons rack. Zombina has decorated the walls with posters from her favorite zombie films and shooting range targets. There are also several piles of magazines and manga on the floor.

Manako’s Room

Manako’s room is modernly decorated and kept very clean. The most distinguishing feature is that the room and almost everything in it are yellow, giving it a sunny feeling.

Doppel’s Room

Doppel's room has yet to be shown.



  • Among Tionishia's plush toys is the Dolphin she received in Chapter 19.

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