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Kyuri Drakulya
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Kana キュリー・ドラクリヤ
Romaji Kyurī Dorakuriya
Nickname Kyūri (キューリ, lit. cucumber)

Coolie (in fan translation)

Physical Appearance
Monster Species Vampire
Gender Female Female
Height 162 cm (5'4")
Weight 38 kg (84 lbs)
B-W-H B72(A)-W52-H76
Monster Profile
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Wladislaus Drakulya (father)[1]
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 46

Kyuri Drakulya is a Vampire who crossed the Japanese border illegally, as her kind are considered too dangerous to enter the country.[2][3]

Appearance Edit

Kyuri has the appearance of a thin girl with light colored hair, pointy ears, and she has heavy shadows under her eyes.

As a Vampire, her most noticeable physical traits are her large bat-like wings in lieu of arms, her clawed feet, and slit pupils.

Personality Edit

As opposed to most of her kind, Kyuri does not like dark enclosed spaces, is afraid of heights, and has an aversion to blood. However, during nightfall, her personality changes and she becomes extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty. This is due to her father's spirit possessing her.

Skills & Traits Edit

  • Vampire Physiology:
    Vampire wings
    • Night Vision: Due to being a nocturnal species who generally hunt during the night, Vampires have excellent night vision.
    • Flight: Similar to Harpies, instead of hands Kyuri has large, bat like wings. She has enough strength in them to glide or fly.
    • Blood Sucking: As a Vampire, her digestive system is underdeveloped and can only digest liquids. She therefore has to drink blood for nourishment.
    • Weakness: As a Vampire, Kyuri is sensitive to sunlight and UV light, and is allergic to garlic and silver.

Possessions Edit

  • Locket : Kyuri owns a locket with a portrait of her with her father inside of it. This locket was destroyed when Centorea unknowingly stepped on it after Kyuri was freed from her father's possession.[4]
  • Fake hands: To mask her appearance in public, Kyuri wears fake hands over her wings.


Kyuri's mother died when she was still young, causing her to be raised by her father, Wladislaus. Due to the fact that the Vampire race was slowly nearing extinction, Wladislaus tried to raise Kyuri to continue their legacy. However, because Kyuri's phobias of blood, heights, bats, and coffins, Wladislaus' efforts to make Kyuri a "true" Vampire were in vain.[1]
Extremely disappointed in his daughter, Wladislaus eventually died. However, instead of moving on, his spirit possessed Kyuri, and caused her to become extremely bloodthirsty every night when he took control. While Kyuri was aware of the possession, she was unable to do anything about it.[4]

Plot Edit

Zoological ClassificationEdit

Kyurii Secrets English

The Vampire (????) is a humanoid species that has fangs for sucking blood and wings for flying ....

Trivia Edit

  • Papi finds and returns Kyuri's locket for her when she drops it.
  • Kyuri's name, like most other characters, is a pun derived from her species' name, in this case, the Japanese word for "Vampire" (吸血鬼 Kyūketsuki?), with "Ki" being swapped with "Ri".

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