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As a Cultural Exchange Coordinator, Smith interacts with many people and is normally responsible for bringing homestays and extraspecies individuals together.

Kurusu House Edit

Kimihito Kurusu Edit

Smith is assigned as Kimihito's exchange coordinator. This makes her responsible for making sure Kimihito is following the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill and that all extraspecie girls under his care are well and happy. Despite the responsibility of her position Smith treats Kimihito very informally and often takes advantage of his kindness. Smith often visits his household to check up on him and his homestays, constantly reminding him of the prohibitions and its consequences of the law as she was the one who often made him the host of a number of extraspecie girls. Due to her being quite irresponsible, Smith only shows up when the situation is inconvenient for him; often providing information when its too late and has a tendency to mooch off of Kimihito for free homecooked meals. She tends to manipulate Kimihito through threats based on the Cultural Exchange and its prohibitions and will normally ignore any complaints he has when she does so.

Despite her irresponsible and somewhat lazy behavior, Kimihito is grateful for her assistance and protection. He does become rather annoyed and frustrated with her constantly waiting until the last minute to inform him with needed or important information concerning his homestays, random/new subspecies he happens to encounter, when his own house is remodeled, food supplies and finances/expenses; but he is never unkind to her. Because of his kindnes Smith appreciates Kimihito's willingness to care for the extraspecies he was given and he, in return, appreciates her acting as a "guardian" to him whenever he is in trouble. As a result, Kimihito usually puts serious thought into the advice Smith does give him. While Smith does not seem to have serious romantic feelings in Kimihito, she is not above flirting with him and calling him "Darling-kun" because teasing him amuses her.

Miia Edit

Smith is the coordinator who was responsible for choosing a host family for Miia. Smith would place Miia with Kimihito, despite the young man not being part of the exchange program, let alone Miia's correct host. Despite her negligence in Miia's placement, Smith seems to genuinely care about Miia's well being and happiness, as she encourage Kimihito to study snake ecology so he could make Miia comfortable and encouraged Miia to talk to Kimihito after he hurt himself protecting her.

Miia seems to respect Smith's authority as a coordinator but also recognizes Smith's laziness and negligent attitude, leading Miia to label Smith as a woman who "does whatever she wants". Miia's feeling towards Kimihito can also cause her to become jealous whenever Smith seems to have an interest in him. Smith recognizes this and avoids actively flirting with Kimihito in front of her, but she will still tease both him and Miia when she sees a good opportunity.

Papi Edit

Papi was initially one of Smith's problem cases who would often run away from the home-stay she was assigned. Smith, looking to avoid the work of chasing her down decided to place Papi with Kimihito in hopes that his positives influence would make her happy enough to stay. Since Papi's placement Smith has had no difficulties dealing with her. Smith is one of few individuals who will treat Papi like an adult based on her age instead of a child based on her appearance. It appears Smith is ignorant to the fact that Papi is the daughter of the Police Chief, whom is her superior.

Centorea Shianus Edit

Smith and Centorea seem to share a mutual respect for each other.

Centorea recognizes Smith's authority has her coordinator and usually tries to keep order in the Kurusu House when Smith is not present and when there is a problem Centorea will often suggest calling Smith for help. However, Centorea does recognize Smith's more foolish tendencies, like Smith commenting on her breast during a televised duel with her mother, and can become annoyed in a manner similar as Miia.

Smith trusts Centorea a significant amount as she allowed the centaur to perform several actions to accommodate her cultural heritage without oversight, such as the ability pick her own homestay and keeping weapons (although most are replicas) despite provisions in the Extra Species Law that prohibit such things. Smith also acknowledges Centorea's strength and combat skills as she hired the centaur to act as extra security for Kimihito when there was the possibility of him being in danger. Also when discussing Centorea's family Smith is quick to say that they are one of the strongest families in the world.

Suu Edit

As slimes are not technically part of the Interspecies Exchange Act, Smith has taken a hands-off approach to dealing with Suu in order to avoid more work. Despite their limited interactions Suu does not like Smith's free loading habits, but she usually keeps her criticisms to herself. However, when she has ingested poisonous materials Suu will gladly call Smith out on her behavior.

Meroune Lorelei Edit

Since Smith is aware of Meroune's status as princess of the Mermaid Kingdom she treats her with greater care than the other girls. Before Meroune even arrived Smith ensured that Kimihito's house was renovated so the mermaid would be comfortable, even installing a very large indoor pool. Later when introducing Meroune to the other girls, Smith exhibited relatively formal behavior, and avoided her normal freeloading habits while at the house. However as time has gone on Smith has become more prone to letting her guard down around Meroune and has gone back to freeloading off of Kimihito with no second thoughts. Meroune seems to accept Smith's authority as her coordinator and treats her in the same overly formal and kin way she treats everyone else.

Rachnera Arachnera Edit

Smith was the coordinator who initially placed Rachnera with Ren Kunanzuki's family. However, Smith's laziness cause her to fail to take the family's tastes into account and for her to forget to check on Rachnera's well being. This negligence resulted in the Kunanzuki family "selling" Rachnera to the conman Kasegi. Despite these events Rachnera does not seem to hold any ill will towards Smith.

Instead Smith was blackmailed by Rachnera into placing the Arachne with Kimihito. Since then the two have not any negative interaction with each other, but in situations where something goes wrong Rachnera will most likely try to resolve the situation herself, stead of relying on any help from Smith and the exchange program.

Lala Edit

Lala was, like Papi, one of Smith's problem cases who constantly ran away from her original homestay (though unlike Papi, Lala doesn't do this because of poor memory, but by intention). Unlike the other girls who live with Kimihito, Smith seems to have taken a more intimidating approach to dealing with Lala, mainly due to Lala's defiant behavior.

Smith does not put up with Lala's Chuunibyou act, and will usually force the Dullahan to speak to normal language instead of the complicated prose she normally speaks in. Smith also had no problem casually tossing Lala's head casually to punish her if she misbehaves, like when she put Kimihito's homestays under a lot of distress when she gave them that very ominous letter. Because of the casual way she treats her, Smith seems to also know that Lala is an actual psychopomp, and not just pretending., though her defiant behavior and fixations in harvesting people's souls is an apparent nuisance to Smith

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Polt Edit

Smith seems to be good friends with Polt. When Kimihito and the girls living with him needed to get into shape Smith immediately recommended they use Sports Club Kobold in order to help Polt test her new business. In return when Smith requested the use of Kobold Stadium, so that Centorea and her mother could duel legally, Polt happily allowed her to borrow the entire stadium without any questions. During said event the two teasingly offered play-by-play commentary and seemed to work very well together, much to the annoyance of the duel's participants.

Smith seems to trust Polt a great deal as the Kobold is usually left in charge of extraspecie individuals that Smith puts on probation with virtually no visible oversight.

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