Humans (人間, Ningen) are the most numerous and politically dominant sentient race in the world largely thanks to their ability to create tools and adapt themselves or their environment to survive.

Possessing the largest and widest-spanning culture known, they are often considered to be the standard to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species and races are compared.


Aggressively territorial, while possessing no natural means of offense or defense (claws, armour) that other races may possess, the race's ability to create and adapt objects to serve specific functions, and their tendency to live/work in groups, has enabled them to dominate the majority of the planet and force other races to withdraw into their own enclosed populations away from human attention.

Originally migratory, throughout their written history, humans have managed to set up large empires and kingdoms all over the planet and effectively achieved global dominance due to their industrious nature; being able to alter themselves or the environments to suit their needs as well as utilizing/taming the wildlife to serve their purposes.

Physiological AttributesEdit

  • As omnivores, humans have twenty times more the number of taste buds than carnivores (e.g. Lamia), while generally only having half as many taste buds as herbivores (e.g. Centaurs)
  • Human genetics are compatible with a variety of liminal species and as such are specially sought after by monogendered races, like Lamia and Harpies, for mating.
  • Human visual characteristics vary due to the different environments from which their sub-cultures originated from. For example, native Africans generally have darker skin due to the country of Africa being more exposed to the sun, whilst Caucasians have paler skin due to their ancestors originating from Europe and the northern icelands where they cover themselves within layers of clothes to keep warm. Physical shape and size also vary due to environment.
  • It is estimated that the worldwide average height for an adult human male is about 172 cm, while the worldwide average height for adult human females is about 158 cm.




  • While taking suggestions for what monster girls to feature in the manga, Okayado also offered to include cameo appearances for those whose suggestions were included; often having them appearing alongside the monster girl they suggested.
  • Having evolved from a variety of forms dating back to the prehistoric age, the scientific name for the modern Human is "Homo sapiens".
  • Due to the society's fascination with the original The Little Mermaid tale and "tragic romance" involving another species, the number of young Mermaid women meeting humans by the seashore and eloping with them is rising dramatically.

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