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Kana ホロ
Romaji Horo
Voiced by Natsue Sasamoto
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Dragon
Gender Female Female
Hair Silver
Eye Red
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut

Horo is a Dragon that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.


Horo has smooth silver hair and red horns,she wears a black and red vest, matching the color of her scales, she has a black thigh-high socks with boots matching her scales, she has a long red tail and red wings.

Her other alternative clothing is that she wears dark blue bra made of red scales similar to her own, her arms now developed more detailed scales following the traditional scales of old European dragons, she also wears blue tight pants with boots similiar to her other version, only instead of silver and red it is silver, gold and blue.


She has the manners of an aristocrat or noble, but is often lazy and idle. She is also quite prideful and has a tendency to lash out when she feels that pride had been hurt.

Skills and TraitsEdit


While polishing her scales, the player accidentally touches her reverse scale and she falls limp. Lying on the ground weakly as the player continues massaging her, she laments how she was an "embarrassment to the dragon people", that she looked like a "koi fish on a chopping board", and demands that they don't let anybody see her until she can regain her strength to stand.

Zoological ClassificationEdit

Main Article: Dragons

Dragons (竜 Ryū) are a reptilian demi-human race deeply embedded in mythological history around the globe.

Regarded as legendary beings, Dragons are held in high esteem as demi-gods and beings of extremely high repute. Sometimes portrayed as hoarding treasure and said to breathe fire or to be poisonous, humans in medieval time often sought to make a name for themselves as "Dragon Slayers"; warriors who specialize in fighting, hunting and killing dragons.


  • While she is omnivorous, Horo prefers to eat meat.
  • The Dragonewt race are said to be biological descendants from the Dragon race. The two races share many physical traits; such as scales that are stronger than steel, powerful tails, sharp claws and a reverse scale that they hate people to touch, and because of this, many people tend to make mistakes telling the difference between the two species,
    • However, it is stated that Dragons can actually fly, while Dragonewts somewhat can only glide in some period of time. Also dragons can breath fire, and are proven to be much stronger and tend to have a "royal noble" accent, similiar to centaurs believeing themselves to be "honorbound".
  • Dragons are a famous and popular icon in many medias. They are one of the most famous of mythological monsters.
  • It is known in popular culture and media that the Dragon species has long held a rivalry with the Gryphon species for the title of "King of all Creatures". It is, however unknown, if she holds a rivalry feeling againsts Fal.

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