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Kana ハル
Romaji Haru
Voiced by Ayaka Shimoyamada
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Raptor Harpy
Gender Female Female
Hair White
Eye Gold
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut

Haru is a Raptor Harpy that appears in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.


Haru's appearance are similiar to those of a Gyrfalcon (White Falcon), being purely carnivorous, causing an increased protein intake leads to her body being fuller and far less juvenile in appearance, as all Raptor Harpy are strong and proud, and are not as easily-impressed by other harpies, they are one of the most intelligent of the harpy species.

Her Original/main clothings are comprised of a white sleeveless shirt with a white bomber-jacket and a torn-up jeans.

Her alternative/Swimsuit clothing is very similiar to her original, but only her jeans are ripped, exposing her legs a little bit, and her top is a blue polo, but her overall appearance still remains the same, except that her feathers became a little darker than it's original snowy color and she seems to have a tan, likely due to being expose to much under the Sun.


Skills and TraitsEdit


Zoological ClassificationEdit

MonMusu Raptor
Main article: Harpy

Raptor Harpys (猛禽種, Mōkin-shu) are a large eagle or hawk-like demihuman subspecies of Harpy. Their bodies are very similar to human bodies. Though other Harpy subspecies are omnivorous, Raptor Harpies are carnivores. They are proud and difficult to please, an unusual trait among the generally amicable Harpies.


  • Her coloration is based off the Gyrfalcon (White Falcon). As seen from her wings with white coloration and black stripes and her hair being snowy-white as well.
  • Haru is Japanese for Spring.

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