The Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition (also known as the Cultural Exchange Expo) is a public event and exhibition held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center to showcase the cultures of the various Liminals involved in the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill.

Produced and coordinated under the jurisdiction of the Cultural Exchange Program, the Cultural Exchange Expo is a government funded mass-exhibit to further the goals of the Cultural Exchange Program Act.

Stalls and EventsEdit

Milking BoothEdit


A booth where the Minotaur Cathyl and the Pan Merino teach eager young men on how to milk cows and sheep.

Matching PartyEdit


A large event where Liminals seeking to enter the exchange program can find suitable host amongst volunteers. First the humans fill in a sheet with their preferred Liminal race or traits, then they are paired with suitable Liminals to interview in private, and then the chosen pairs move to the party hall for a rendez-vous. There are seperate events for both male and female Liminals.

Mermaid SwimmingEdit


A large aquarium where attendants wearing scuba gear can swim together with various Mermaids.

Jousting Tournament Edit


A tournament where people holding shields can test their strength against jousting Centaurs. The winning human recieves a reward.

Lamia DanceEdit


A stage where three Lamia preform a traditional Lamia dance for the audience. Nearby is a booth where humans can experience being wrapped up by a Lamia's tail.

Sports Club Kobold boothEdit


A booth where Polt and several other Kobolds advertise their sports club, including the numerous Liminal-friendly training devices.

Vampire Repellant boothEdit

A booth that serves to prove that not all blood-sucking Liminals are Vampires. It contains various Vampire repellants, such as UV-lights, garlic cuisine, and silver-crosses.

Pro-Vampire boothEdit

A booth that contains various items to help experience life as a vampire, such as coffins to sleep in and bats to interact with.



Nightvision GogglesEdit

Utilising traditional night vision technology, these goggles are made and sold by a faction of Owl Harpies to aid liminals who have poor night vision abilities.


Omega HorseshoeEdit

A state-of-the-art shoe designed for liminals who can not reach their feet without inconvenience, such as Centaurs. With this particular model designed to cater for cloven hooves, the Omega Horseshoe possesses remote technology so that the wearer can clasp and unclasp the shoe via remote control instead of needing to bend down to remove the shoe manually.


Proto HandsEdit

Special prosthetic hands that can be worn by winged liminals over their wing digits, allowing them to hold onto things easier.


Tail CleanerEdit

A device for cleaning the tails of reptilian liminals


Automatic WheelchairEdit

A wheelchair for liminals without land locomotion organs

Kobold Style Exercise MachinesEdit

Secondhand Mummy SarcophagiEdit




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