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Chapter 59


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Chapter 59.5


The 59th chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


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Key EventsEdit

  • Rachnera has finally managed to work off Kimihito's debt and contacts him about it.
    • Rachnera discovers the truth about the farm and is furious at Mr President.
    • Cathyl tells Kimihito to leave quietly the next day, as the other girls probably won't want him to leave.
  • That night, Merino calls Kimihito to warn him that not only are all the girls furiously looking for him, but it's also a Full Moon, so they'll all be fully unreasonable.
    • Merino and Cathyl drugged themselves with sleeping pills to stop themselves from doing anything. This is revealed to be a common strategy for Liminals trying to stay in control during a full moon.
  • While Kimihito finds himself being attacked and molested by all the farm girls, he is rescued by none other than the Satyr girls.
    • All the Satyrs are revealed to be bisexual, and are happy that they can have their way with their colleagues.
    • Satyrs are also revealed to be so lustful regardless that the full moon has no effect on them.
  • The next day, Rachnera comes to pick up Kimihito in a truck, while Cathyl and Merino see him off.
    • Rachnera is surprised to find all the girls on the farm in relationships with each other.
  • As they head home, it's revealed that Miia, Mero, Papi, and Cerea have indulged themselves with food so much they've gained a noticable amount of weight, much to their distress.



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