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Chapter 32
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Luz Ninetei

The 32nd chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Plot Edit

Characters Kimihito KurusuMiiaPapiCentorea ShianusSuuMeroune LoreleiRachnera ArachneraLalaYukioLuz NineteiMagical Girl
Items and Terms OnsenKitsuneKimonoYukataDoteraInari SushiTokusatsu ShowMagical Girl
Locations Arctic InnOnsen TownShinto Shrine

Key Events Edit

  • Nine-tailed Kitsune are revealed to exist.
  • The town the Arctic Inn is located in is explored.


  • The front cover is a parody of magical girl series.
  • The credits shown on the TV set for the show "Sweetie Witch Makochan" include Inui Takemaru for Character Design.
  • While suggesting a Tokusatsu show, Miia mentions Transforming Rider (Kamen Rider) and Robot Hero (Metal Hero).
  • During the play, Luz calls Miia "Sandayū Dokumamushi"; an actor from the original Ultraman series (1966-1967) who later became a radio host famous for vulgar language.
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