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Chapter 30
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The 30th chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls. As the homestays keep pestering Kimihito about who of them he is to marry, he keeps getting his life endangered once again. Only this time he finds himself nearing the afterlife every single time, and notices a familiar person there...

Plot Edit

Characters Kimihito KurusuMiiaPapiCentorea ShianusSuuMeroune LoreleiRachnera ArachneraLalaSmith
Items and Terms MarriageBondageDullahan
Locations Kurusu HouseSanzu River

Key Events Edit

  • Lala is revealed to be an actual Shinigami, though so far only Kimihito is aware of this.
  • The Kurusu House is wrecked due to Centorea accidentally breaking through the weak attic floor. The inhabitants have to temporarily move out while it's being repaired.


  • Kimihito mentions about the Sanzu River when he's experiencing the near-death experience.
    • It is believed to be the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead, the dead must cross the river on their way to the realm known as Higan; an endless flower garden where there are no nights or days and no seasons, just a gentle warm light that covers the place as the dead await judgement on whether they will enter the Netherworld (following which they will eventually be re-encarnated and return to the world of the living) or Hell (where they will be doomed to remain for eternity).
  • The cover of this chapter resembles the opening scene of the anime.
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