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Chapter 29


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Centorea's Mother

The 29th chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

Plot Edit

Characters Kimihito KurusuMiiaPapiCentorea ShianusSuuMeroune LoreleiRachnera ArachneraLalaCentorea's MotherSmithZombinaTionishiaDoppelManakoPolt
Items and Terms Cultural Exchange Between Species BillCentaurJoustingCentorea's WeaponsUnderwear
Locations Kurusu HouseTokyoKobold Stadium

Key Events Edit

  • Introduction of Centorea's mother.
  • More details about Centaur society are revealed.
  • Centorea is revealed to be half human.
  • Centaurs have the tradition to use human male teaser for the female centaurs when mating season, just like a real horse.


  • This chapter reveals Centorea's bust size, being the largest: 103 i. Much to Manako's irritation.
  • Centorea's mom is known to be the "Goddess of Jousting."
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