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Papi's Mother

The 28th chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls. Papi is worried about that she forgetting something. Rachnera finds Papi's envelope from her mother and shows it to both Miia and Kimihito. After reading it, Kimihito notices that there is something something else in the envelope. It's a picture of what seems to be like Papi with another man...

Plot Edit

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Locations Kurusu HouseThe Park

Key Events Edit

  • Introduction of Papi's mother.
  • Kimihito finds out something new about Harpy forgetfulness.
  • Papi and her mother talk more about the Harpy tribes and their rules.
  • Papi's Father is revealed.


  • It is revealed that Lala also like gothic Lolita style, proved by her panties being dried by Kimihito.
  • The only way to recognize between Papi and her mom in the picture is Papi have an antena like hair while her mom doesn't.
  • Papi's Father like her mom to have: Tan skin, Blonde hair, and Thick Make-up.
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