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Chapter 20
Chapter 20


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The 20th Chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Characters Kimihito KurusuPapiSuuSmithZombinaKii
Items and Terms SlimeDryadCultural Exchange Between Species BillBondage
Locations Kii's Forest

Key eventsEdit

  • Kii is introduced.
  • Some of Papi's past is revealed.
  • Some Extraspecies react differently to chemicals or pollutants than Humans.
    • Upon absorbing experimental fertilizer, Suu grew to gigantic proportions and seems to be able to talk in a normal fashion.
    • Upon absorbing experimental nutrients, a Dryad transformed into a gigantic plantmonster and became insane.
  • It's revealed there is illegal Extraspecies trafficking committed by Humans.


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