As a warrior inherent, Centorea Shianus possesses an armoury of weapons at her disposal. Due to her upbringing as a knight, the majority of her weapons are of European origin or design.
While realistic in appearance, due to the laws in Japan forbidding an individual from carrying harmful weaponary, the majority if not all of her bladed weapons are actually fake or replica models.



Unnamed Claymore 1Edit

In Chapter 4 Centorea is seen wielding this sword while looking for a Master to dedicate herself to and brandishes it while in pursuit of a thief. While able to use the weapon to cleave her way through several obstacles the thief throws at her, the thief manages to acquire it and attempts to kill her with it only to be blocked by Kimihito, who takes the attack onto himself. Fortunately, due to the sword being a replica, Kimihito survived the experience.
She later uses this claymore again in Chapter 14 to apprehend Kasegi and his "film crew" and equips it yet again with her armour to protect Kimihito in Chapter 21.


Unnamed Claymore 2Edit

In Chapter 8 Centorea wields this claymore against Suu when the Slimegirl suddenly appears at the Kurusu House. Believing that the slime would be extremely easy to defeat (due to her knowledge of such liminals in videogames) the sword actually has next to no affect due to Suu's ability to stretch and bend around the blade.


Andúril Replica ClaymoreEdit

In Chapter 16, Centorea wields a replica of Andúril, from The Lord of the Rings, to save Kimihito from Rachnera Arachnera's advances. However, while it was still in her possession, she is unable to later use it to defend herself from an attempted rape by the male of the The Racist Couple due to the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill forbidding liminal species from harming humans.


Unnamed Claymore 3Edit

In Chapter 29, Centorea is seen wielding this claymore on the day her mother visits and draws it against her when her mother insults Kimihito's appearance.




Bow and ArrowEdit

In Chapter 5, Centorea unleashes a volley of arrows to ward Papi away from Kimihito. In its appearance in the anime episode Species 3: Everyday Life Under Dangerous Circumstances, the bow is revealed to be golden in colour.



European ArmourEdit


Samurai ArmourEdit


Celestial ArmourEdit


Novelty ArmourEdit



  • Centorea also possesses a suit of armour and a shield with a horseshoe emblem on it, encircling a fleur-de-lis and underlined with scripted banner.
  • Centorea wields a sword similar in appearance to her Anduril replica in the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls anime.

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