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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Minotaur
Gender Female Female
Hair White and brown
Eye Brown
Height 220cm
B-W-H B122 W69 H98 (L cup)
Monster Profile
Occupation Farm hand
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 56

Cara () is a Minotaur, specifically a Milk-Producing type, who works on the Black Lily Ranch.

Appearance Edit

Cara is a a very tall, dark-skinned woman with very large breasts, as befitting a Minotaur. Even for a Minotaur, she is remarkably fit and muscular. Her hair is short and dual colored, white in the front and dark brown in the back, and usually hangs loose.

As a Minotaur, she has a pair of large, upward-facing horns on her head, cow ears, a cow tail, and her legs have hooves instead of feet and are covered with fur.

Personality Edit

Cara is mostly seen as a stoic, silent kind of minotaur, which leads to many seeing her as an intimidating and imposing girl to be with. But it is soon revealed that she's not talkative due to her looks and is very sensitive, in fact, she is one of the most sensitive girls among the minotaurs.

Skills & Traits Edit

  • Minotaur Physiology
  • Strength: Due to being a descendant of Bullfighting Minotaurs, Cara is more toned and muscular than average. Kimhito noted that, of the Minotaurs on the ranch, her strength is second only to Cathyl.[1]
  • Lactation: Due to a Minotaur's bovine nature, Cara regularly produces large quantities of breast milk, enough to fill a large bucket. If she is not milked, her breasts become even more swollen and heavier than usual, which is very uncomfortable, if not painful, for her.

Plot Edit

Zoological ClassificationEdit

Cathyl's, Merino's, Ton's and Cott's secrets

Minotaurs are a demihuman race with bovine attributes. Affiliated with Greek myth, Minotaurs are visually muscular, possess cloven feet and are easily taller than an average human while also possessing greater physical strength that may rival a Centaur. There are two types of Minotaur, the lactating "milk producing" types and the aggressive "bullfighting" types.

Much like their bovine counterparts, female "milk producing" Minotaurs produce large quantities of breast milk. If they do not milk their breasts regularly, their breasts become swollen to the point of it being painful. Minotaur milk is said to be both nutritious and delicious, with consumer demand being higher than the amount on the open market.

Trivia Edit

  • Like many characters, her name is a pun on her species. Cara comes from "Caramel".

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  1. Chapter 57