This page deals with Bicycle Police Officer's interactions with the other characters.


Kimihito KurusuEdit

The Bicycle Police Officer had a few dealings with the young man.

First, the cop verified if the young man was the host family of a harpy and the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator arrived with the documents to confirm.

Second, the cop entered a warehouse only to find spider webs in the interior. He unknowingly located the young man who was taken hostage by some spider creature. The cop ran out to call for help.

Third, the cop held the young man at gun point for holding a head.

Neighborhood KidsEdit

The Bicycle Police Officer had heard a little girl screaming, but had arrived to the scene late.

Kuroko SmithEdit

There were up to two dealings that the Bicycle Police Officer had with the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator Smith.

First, Smith arrived with the documents for the cop to verify that Kimihito Kurusu was the host family of the harpy Papi.

Second, the Bicycle Police Officer told Smith, M.O.N., and the police that the arachne and the hostage were in an abandoned warehouse.

Purse ThiefEdit

The Bicycle Police Officer arrested the Purse Thief who committed crimes of theft and battery (injuring a person that is not accidental) as well as breaking the rule imposed by the Interspecies Exchange Bill because the Purse Thief tried to attack a centaur.

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